Importance Of Paying Taxes

There is a purpose as to why people are obliged to pay tax. We all pay taxes in one type or another, for instance, we pay for the different services that one has used which are maintained by the government. An example of these services include; roads, bridges, water pipes, food stamps, housing, police and fire protection, public schools and much more. It is important to pay taxes on time to avoid penalties or being imprisoned.

Why should one pay tax?

It is illegal and unlawful not to pay tax for they assist a nation to create a stronger society as well as providing reliable services to its people. These taxes are used to finance and fund so many institutions as well as the agencies. Through taxes, public buildings, roads, hospitals, schools and shelter for the homeless are constructed. Some of the tax collected is allocated the basic needs of the orphanage children. Apart also goes to fire and the police department. There government employees who work for the benefits of the country’s citizens and services for the nation are paid out of the collected taxes. These employees include; public teachers, public doctors, public nurses, public hospital staff, policemen, firemen and many more public service workers.Therefore, taxes should be paid so that, reliable public facilities like; public roads, schools, hospitals to be constructed.

Paying for cleanliness services

Taxes are also used for the cleanliness and the maintenance of public facilities. For instance; cleaning of roads, water treatment, construction of streetlights and removal of wastes. Taxes also help public hospitals to acquire their medical tools, supplies, and equipment. There are also free supplies and services offered to the country’s citizens through taxes. These free services include; immunization shots and medical consultations.

There are so many benefits made out of taxation to the country’s citizens including sectors of agriculture, commerce, and energy. Therefore it is important that we all pay on time our tax dues. Even the poorest member of the society contributes to the taxation system.Issues concerning high price increase of a commodity, products, and services are always attributed to the implementation of Value Added Tax which is the unintentional paying of taxes.

Support for public institutions

All citizen are supposed to pay taxes; this is why the government is always emphasizing that every citizen should pay their dues properly. When the taxes are fully collected, various government institutions are given the funds for them to function properly and operate for the well-being and welfare of the nation’s citizens. Some of these institutions that are supported by the taxes that we pay include public hospitals, public schools, public law offices and orphanages too.

Paying for salaries of civil servants

Those individuals who are working for the government in offices and various agencies are paid through the taxes that the citizens pay. Some of the civil servants who are working for the benefit of the nation and remunerated through taxes that are collected include public doctors, policemen, public teachers, nurses, firemen, the staff that works in the public hospitals and many other public servants.

Purchase of essentials

The taxes paid are also used in providing the public hospital with the essential tools that they require. The government is also able o provide basic health services like immunization through the use of money raised from taxes. For the government to be able to provide us with the services mentioned above, each citizen is encouraged to pay their dues.…