Risks & rewards – is forex trading worth the risk?


If you spend some time talking to an experienced forex trader, they can confess to having their accounts wiped out severally since they began currency trading with different currencies. Surprisingly, they still keep opting for the high return foreign exchange market segment. A good number of people consider this zeal for doing the unpredictable as a form of gambling. Some traders have been doing this for over a decade and have built a remarkable global portfolio for themselves. Thanks to the technological revolution that has seen trading eased through the internet, trading can be done from the comfort of your living room. The successful traders remain adamant that the forex market is one big money making venture provided you know what you are doing.


According to the latest online reports, forex ranks as the most prominent online trading platform. In this platform, over $4 trillion is traded daily. The Bank has provided insights into this platform for International Settlements, which reveals that the retail section is witnessing exponential growth. The retail volume alone is in the hundreds of billions. The major movers in the forex market are private investment funds, large corporations, and banks.


Ease Of Trading

Several factors influence the urge to engage in trading online. The first is the volatility witnessed in the stock market. The volatility has made trading on forex way easier than other predictable trading platforms that handle the smaller accounts. Today, there are new account platforms that are gaining a great deal of traction. These accounts have smaller account balances, charge lower fees and offer tight trading spreads.


During a time when there is a rapid increase in volatility witnessed in the currency markets, the issue of debt arises. This brings about a significant sign of slow economic growth. For instance, the dollar might drop down by over 5 percent to the Rand. Within 24 hours of the new low being recorded, it might shoot back to 7.5 percent against the South African Rand.

Online Trading Rewards

What rewards does online trading guarantee? For one, they are unknown. If there is a move witnessed in a certain currency, it can be either big or small. In many cases, financial management remains crucial. This refers to the rule where winners should be prudent enough to ensure that they do not turn into losers. The best way to prevent this is to trade multiple lots at a go. Using multiple accounts, this can be achieved in a manner that you lock your gains and proceed to the next stop.

Risks Associated With Trading


All trades performed on the currency market, no matter your level of experience in the financial sector, is nothing more than a well-calculated guess. The trading market is highly unpredictable, and many outside factors can interfere with certain currency movements. There are specific times when certain global occurrences might shift the day’s trading environment. There are also those occasions when certain factors might arise such as option barriers, daily fixing of exchange rates, and central bank buying. Ensure that you remain prepared for any unexpected occurrences by carrying out an in-depth market research in every scenario.…